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Max Sargent is an every-day executive, but with a distant military past, uncovering corporate corruption for MI5. His assignments lead him on increasingly dangerous international adventures against criminals and Foreign Intelligence Services. He's a corporate Jack Reacher!


At nineteen Max Sargent became a Royal Marine Commando, but after a shocking incident seeing his friends killed in their first conflict-zone posting, he requested a discharge after being awarded the Military Cross.


He was only twenty and back out of the military, pursued a corporate career in the 'civi' world. After twenty years as an executive, a business indiscretion brings him to the attention of MI5. They offer him clemency for an ‘observe and report’ assignment and so starts Max’s MI5 corporate espionage adventures.


Large corporations dominate the world across all parts of our everyday lives, tempting people with wealth and power. This is the business world Max Sargent inhabits and he knows how easily indiscretions can quickly escalate into dangerous situations involving corruption, greed, theft, extortion, fraud, espionage.... and murder.


Where there’s big business, a country's Intelligence Services are often close by, many acting with integrity and honour. But some are set upon disrupting others beyond their own borders or have corruption within their own ranks.


The Max Sargent series follows him in his various MI5 undercover assignments within different industries, taking him around the world.

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