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Max Sargent's original career intentions were with the Royal Marine Commandos. But after a shocking incident seeing his friends killed on their first conflict-zone posting, he requested a discharge after being awarded the Military Cross. He was only twenty and back out of the military and away from its front line, decided to pursue a corporate career in the 'civi' world. There he begins to discover the front line of businesses can also throw up their challenges, and criminals.

Max Sargent is a fit, single 40 year old executive living and working in London. His twenty year career has led him to becoming one of the top Chief Procurement Officers, working for various large corporations. He's successful, but just another ordinary executive.

Following a minor indiscretion his life takes a new turn, when MI5 offer him clemency for one quick 'observe and report' job. Reluctantly Max obliges to help them find out what's happening within the offices of a suspected company. He finds that his corporate know-how and agility suitably equips him for this new, darker view of the business world. His albeit brief service with the Marine's starts to come into play as company dealings, power and greed, escalate the dangers he faces.

As Max uncovers leads and the extent of the corruption begins to reveal itself, he finds himself in the position of being the only person able to track the criminals from within and avert their destructive plans.

Although initially Max is a somewhat unwilling participant, he finds his executive and military talents are well suited to MI5's international corporate corruption assignments.

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