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Max Sargent was an every-day executive, with a distant military past, recruited by MI5 as an undercover corporate spy.
Pursuing international business criminals and corrupt foreign intelligence services, his assignments lead him on increasingly dangerous mystery espionage and action thrillers.

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4 - Masonic Renegade


Max investigates the surprising assassination of an influential Chief Executive of a large utility firm.

As he digs into the victim’s background, associates and business dealings, the likelihood of favouritism, bribery and insider trading becomes more apparent.

His leads start to point to a revived sinister and secret business networking organisation, fronted by a large, expanding corporation.

Max chases down evidence and suspects in the UK, Italy, West Indies and America, whilst the order decide he must be silenced.

Culminating in a deadly mix of infiltration, cunning and bluff, with a race to secure vital proof, can Max bring down and expose the dangerous sect?

2 - Omega Trail


MI5 discover that someone is selling military secrets and must find out what's happening at a large British Arms company, from within.

​Max Sargent goes in undercover and discovers a number of suspects. Using designs for the latest Omega long range sniper system as bait, he seeks out the shocking identity of the corporate thief.

​But MI5 also want the arms broker and the end buyer. Max must continue to follow the Omega trail, now masquerading as the corporate spy selling the designs.

​The underworld and a foreign Intelligence Service are involved. Max's trail takes him to several European destinations, as the mission gets more dangerous, ending with a tense chase and revelations.

3 - Treason Trap


After a large bank is attacked with no sign of the perpetrators, MI5 Cyber are called in to help the Met investigate.

Max must follow his instincts and in chasing down leads, infiltrate a suspect data company.

His personal, military and professional loyalties are tested. To maintain his cover, he's forced to participate in a daring crime, of passion.

A foreign power then blackmails them to undertake an outrageous heist for revenge, striking at the seat of power, to humiliate the United Kingdom.

To find out what they're planning, Max must join them, in the crime of the century! The treason trap is set, if Max gets caught, he'll have to make amends!

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